Never a Dull Moment (1950)

Kay Kingsley, a sophisticated and successful songwriter in New York City. falls in love with a widowed rancher, Chris Heyward, she meets at the Madison Square Garden Rodeo and they get married, and leave for his ranch in the west. Her friends warn her of an early disillusionment with life on a ranch, far away from the glitter and bright lights of Broadway. Kay makes one difficulty adjustment after another, as the ranch is presided over by Chris's kids, and an incident occurs with a neighbor that prompts Kay to return to her glamorous life in New York. But she soon finds her heart is with Chris and his children.

Directed by: George Marshall

Starring: Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray, Natalie Wood, William Demarest, Andy Devine, Gigi Perreau

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Title: Never a Dull Moment (1950)