Untamed Heiress (1954)

Judy Canova is right in her element in the rowdy Republic musical Untamed Heiress. Canova plays Judy, the daughter of a famous opera singer who once bankrolled prospector Andrew "Cactus" Clayton (George Cleveland). Now Clayton hopes to repay the favor, but first he must reclaim his stash of gold from the crooked Williams (Hugh Sanders). Judy helps the old coot by taking on not only Williams, but duplicitous private detectives Walter Martin (Taylor Holmes) and Eddie Taylor (Chick Chandler), not to mention gangsters Spider Mike (Donald Barry) and Louie (Jack Kruschen).

Directed by: Charles Lamont

Starring: Judy Canova, Don Barry, George Cleveland, Taylor Holmes, Chick Chandler, Jack Kruschen

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